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Leather requires proper care and attention with the right cleaning products. It's strongly recommended to have your leather cleaned professionally. We'll happily advise you on the best methods available, and how often and how much professional cleaning is required, depending on the type of leather. This is the best way to guarantee a long life for your leather fabric and to ensure you can enjoy it to the full.


Our leather cleaning system can be used to clean and  maintain all types of leather including sofas,chairs,car interiors,coats,handbags,gloves etc. Our cleaning process can also remove dye transfer caused by jeans and other non colour fast items.The only exceptions to this cleaning system are suede and nubuck,however we do have a seperate system for these items.


We can also help protect your leather to ensure you can maximise its full potential.Our protection cream is applied after the cleaning process.This coats the the leather fibres with natural waxes keeping them lubricated and the leather soft and supple.The added barrier protection technologly in the cream allows the leather to repel both water and oil based stains by keeping them on the surface allowing them to be wiped clean.Friction caused by sitting on the leather will wear away the leather's coating causing it to become rough and faded.The colour may even start to peel off!The protection cream absorbs all the friction and so helps prevent this problem.It even smells like leather and will infuse that luxurious aroma into yopur item.Because it stops dirt from being absorbed or becoming ingrained in the leather it allows you to wipe it off much more easily


Regular cleaning with our system will not only enhance the natural beauty of the leather but will also prolong its lifespan


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